Monday, March 23, 2009

JoJo the Embryo

I found out I'm pregnant a week ago. We've nicknamed my uterine parasite "Cletus the Fetus", though it's still an embryo for a couple more months. "JoJo the Embryo" doesn't have the same zing as Cletus the Fetus.

S didn't have the celebratory reaction I was hoping for. It was planned and everything, but he's being guarded in case of bad news (he's seen it before in friends and coworkers). But I'm young and healthy, so I feel kinda like I've been robbed of a perfectly good reason to celebrate.

I listen to a lot of Joni Mitchell, Kenny Loggins and Steely Dan lately - seems gentler on the system (though I do still listen to Talib Kweli and NERD at the gym).


  1. Men rarely get overly excited about anything. Cool blog.

  2. OK, wait. I get too fat to empty my reader for a few days and I miss this!?!?!?!?!


    YAYAYAY! Congrats!

    And as a sign of solidarity, did you know that when I was pg with my first, I remember driving in the car at night and sobbing singing Case of You by Joni Mitchell...god I love that song.