Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sore Tits and Insomnia

Well, it's been a week since I peed on a stick (twice, just in case) and though I haven't really been "feeling" it, my tits are officially sore. They fucking hurt. Every now and then my arm will brush past and it's like they felt when I first grew them.

I also have been experiencing interrupted sleep. I used to sleep like an angel, even with a full bladder I could just roll over and sleep it off. Nothing fazed me. I didn't even know that S has bouts of insomnia, as I always blithely slept through his tossing and turning, his heavy sighs of frustration as I either robbed him of blankets or shoved them all on top of him (whichever is worst, I seem to do, it turns out). Not anymore. Now I wake every night from weird dreams, then realize I need to pee, and when I return to bed S is harumphing to himself and I can't get back to sleep for at least an hour (if I'm lucky enough to wake before 5am).

I guess since my last period was on February 18, I'm technically about three weeks along. Does that mean I'm in my second month? The books are so confusing about when your pregnancy actually started. I picked a couple more today on Natasha's recommendation: The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy (already WAY better than that kumbaya snoozefest What To Expect When You're Expecting, and extremely reminiscent of my bloggy gf Brittany's writing) and The Expectant Father for S, so he can read something besides blurbs on the internet.

I leave on Sunday for the field for 5 days. I'm a little worried about being exhausted and starving the entire time (it'll be ten-hour days in the sun), and about having to explain myself earlier than I want. Luckily, I'm working with all women this time - last year I had to hunker down in an abandoned oil refinery to change a tampon because I was working with all dudes in the middle of a grassland.

Monday, March 23, 2009

JoJo the Embryo

I found out I'm pregnant a week ago. We've nicknamed my uterine parasite "Cletus the Fetus", though it's still an embryo for a couple more months. "JoJo the Embryo" doesn't have the same zing as Cletus the Fetus.

S didn't have the celebratory reaction I was hoping for. It was planned and everything, but he's being guarded in case of bad news (he's seen it before in friends and coworkers). But I'm young and healthy, so I feel kinda like I've been robbed of a perfectly good reason to celebrate.

I listen to a lot of Joni Mitchell, Kenny Loggins and Steely Dan lately - seems gentler on the system (though I do still listen to Talib Kweli and NERD at the gym).