Thursday, July 9, 2009

Snips and snails

Had the "find out the gender" ultrasound yesterday, and guess what?

If there were ever a more obvious ultrasound picture, I have yet to see it. The little fella is still under a pound (lucky number 13oz, in time for my birthday on the 13th), and he's started squirming with enough spastic flourish that I can feel the light thump inside me once in awhile. It feels like a fingertip flicking against the inside of my belly. My favorite part of the ultrasound was seeing him get bucked around in my womb when I laugh - he's in his own private moonbounce and I am the conductor of his lulz.


Other exciting gestational updates: started getting intermittent heartburn (chugging ice water helps, will start the Tums when it really starts to pick up) and woke to my first raging charley horse the other night. Word of advice: punching a leg cramp doesn't work to relieve the pain. I just woke up so abruptly (sleepily screaming a muffled "aghhh!") and started pounding it with my knuckles like so many big brothers demanding a cry of "uncle". I tried rubbing and stretching it and was eventually able to return to sleep.

* * * * *

Stretched out on the couch last night, legs strewn across Scott's lap, it occurred to me how fleeting these moments suddenly are; those lazy evenings lounging with my mate, watching whatever happens to be on the TV, with no care but my personal comfort, are numbered. Tomorrow, we'll be spending a week in Hawaii to revel in ourselves, our relationship and to reflect on the vast turns our lives are about to take.